The perfect #Sunday beer – Part 2

Last week I kicked off the #SundayBeer series with a look at BBQ Sunday’s. This week, as we power through July & we’ve had the Euro’s get done, we start getting ready for pre-season for things like the Premiership (not like I give a f**k about football – I prefer egg chasing). So for football Sundays, what beers do you need to make it perfect?

There is an unmistakable link between Football (Soccer for those in America-land) & lager.And with that means bar-snack food such as crisps (potato chips for Americans), scampi or bacon fries, toasted sandwiches, or a basket of chips (fries) with sausages, scampi or  goujons (chicken dippers).

Lagers go amazing with all of these. And right now, there’s some great craft lagers available. However, our pubs haven’t caught up with craft alternatives to the generic fizzy yellow stuff, so this will have to be a ‘Sunday-football-at-home’ kind of list unless you’re in a craft beer bar showing football that has these in rotation. And, there’s some great alternatives to lager out there too which will equally go down a storm.

Sausage & Chips

Schneider Weisse Tap 7  is the beer it is all about. This popular beer has a beautiful spicey-apple-y-ness to it that frankly goes great with sausages. Throw in some mild mustard on the basket of food, & this is quintessentially German.

Scampi & Chips

We hit Germany again for the beer. This time, Weinstephaner Kristal Weissbier. This beer for me is absolutely perfect for scampi. It goes great with the sweetness of the fish & for me cuts through the chips wonderfully when drenched in salt & vinegar.

Goujons & Chips

One of my favorite beers to accompany roast chicken is Anchor Steam. It’s wonderfully bready & with chicken goujons & chips, it’s second to none.

Beers to drink during a game

Here’s where we hit into lagers. These are some of my favorite craft lagers out there, & for having alongside a packet of Tayto or King Pub Crisps,  or with some salted peanuts these are just crackers:

  • Brooklyn Lager
  • Fancy Frank’s Lager
  • Firestone Walker Pivo Pils
  • Sierra Nevada Nooner Pilsner
  • Victory Prima Pils
  • Narpabier Pils
  • Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils
  • Eight Degrees Barefoot Bohemian
  • Trouble Brewing Kill Lager
  • Bo Bristle Pilsner
  • Mont Bohemian Pilsner
  • Coisbo 5th Avenue
  • Estrella Damm

Any of these make great sporting Sunday action drinkers, & go great with salty or very moreish bar snacks.

Next week, I’m going to look at sporting Sundays & how you can make that Sunday family roast dinner a better beering experience.

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