Bottle labels & Homebrewing


Homebrewers love re-using bottles of beers they’ve bought. Apart from being good recycling practice, it makes the price of the beers bought go that bit further too for those who are of the thrifty nature. However, not all beer bottles are equal when it comes to reusing them for homebrewing, which in-part is thanks to label type and glues used.

I’ve done my fair share of homebrewing over the years. It’s something I enjoy doing, even when the results are anything but good. It’s a great learning process for me. As someone who loves cooking and baking, I have a massive appreciation for the science of brewing beer. To me, brewing beer is the sum of one part love, one part science and one part art in equal measures.

One part of homebrewing I still dislike is bottling. And no, it’s not the process of sterlising the bottles, or filling them, or even capping them that bothers me, it’s the damned label removal. Over the years, I’ve had a particular love of re-using BrewDog’s 330ml bottles for homebrewing as the labels come off so damned easy with no residue left behind. Even the new ones from them I’ve found as easy to do this with. It’s a godsend apart from having 330ml bottles of homebrew not 500ml ones.

Irish brewers on the other hand, oh myself & hundreds of Irish homebrewers are shaking our fists at some of you & your damned label glues! (*shakes fist mockingly*) The following Facebook post from those lovely people at Rye River Brewing who are awash with homebrewers (like Alex, Owen, Conor, Daniel etc) really caught my attention:


Considering the number of craft brewers out there who have their roots steeped in homebrewing, you’d think this was something more would give thought to? C’mon brewers, sort it out. Some of us don’t have time to be scrubbing labels off with steelwool over a sinkful of vinegar & steaming hot water 0741 (and yes, before anyone suggests – I am aware of the old dishwasher trick. The only dishwasher in my house is me, a sink & steaming hot water with a brush/scrubbing pad/brillo!) 074107410741

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