10 @brewdog #beers I’d love to see re-released #ReBrewDog


There’s something about the beer that comes from BrewDog in Elon, Aberdeenshire I can’t put my finger on. I’ve been a fan of their beers for a very long time now, and even hold shares in the brewery via their Equity for Punks programme (if you fancy using my referral code & joining the revolution here’s my referral code, R514640). They’ve released so many special one-off beers.

Their beer catalogue is over 300 deep at this point. Think about that. 300 beers. So, all things considered here’s a list of 10 beers I’d be happy as fuck to see them re-release.

1. Restorative Beverage for Invalids and Convalescents.

No, not the recently re-released bullshit version (sorry guys – but it was complete bullshit compared to its predecessor.), but the original version of it which had me driving around Dublin like a man possessed to snaffle as many bottles of it as I could. Only one other beer in recent years has made me do that, ‘Eight Degrees Enigma Pale Ale‘.


2. Hardcore Maelk

This dark, twisted and evil Black IPA of insanity was a collaboration between BrewDog and To Øl. At 10.1% it’s sole mission was to beat the ever loving piss out of your senses and have you coming back for more like a masochist. Malty AF. Hoppy AF. As dark as Batman. While this one is a blend of BD’s Hardcore IPA & To Øl’s Jule Maelk aged in whisky barrels it’s a stellar blend. (p.s. I’m partial to a RipCore — mix hardcore IPA & RipTide in a pint glass. Blaming [censored] from Team BrewDog in Elon for introducing that one to me!)


3. I Hardcore yOU

Look, let’s cut to the chase here shall we? This is for me probably the second greatest beer Team BrewDog has ever knocked out after Toyko*. This Mikkeller cross-over of I Beat yoU (a fantastic voyage of double IPA goodness in itself ) & BD’s own Hardcore IPA was the beery equivalent of ‘Music for the Jilted Generation’. This was specifically even chosen for my 1000th check-in on Untappd out of everything I could have had for it. I just want this back. Just bring it back already damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4. Hello, My name is Vladamir

I’ll bet this one on the list has thrown a few people with mutterings of ‘Really? Really?????’ Yes, really. This imperial IPA for me was one of the best ones they’ve ever knocked out. I gave this to someone as their first craft beer to try (yes, I’m a bad man – but they liked to drink a certain Dutch brewery at the center of tap provence shenanigans here in Ireland). This beer made sure that person never again drank fizzy piss. That’s how fucking good it is; an imperial IPA with so much flavour and ABV it didn’t even scare a mere mortal back into a pint of piss.


5. Russian Doll Barleywine

BrewDog has knocked out its fair share of barleywines over the years, & most have been pleasant enough. And yes, I was fond of ShipwreckCircus and Clown King. I even enjoyed last year’s Mashtag incarnation which was a monster. However, none of them can even hold a candle to the Barleywine from the Russian Doll series. Put it this way; my favorite Barleywine I’ve ever had is still Stone’s Old Guardian. Russian Doll came close to pulling a McGregor V Aldo finish on the Stone beer for me it was that damned good.


6. IPA is Dead: Chinook

The ‘IPA is Dead’ series has over the years turned out some really incredible beers I’ve enjoyed. But, this one from last year’s release didn’t just beat them all; it fucking destroyed them in how good it was. They should re-release this as ‘Walking Dead: Chinook’ and pronto.


7. Dog Wired

Eight Wired from New Zealand knock out arguably some of the best beer I’ve ever had in my life. Their ‘Mighty Imperial Ale‘ is my standard bearer for imperial red ales. Yes, they say it’s a strong ale – but pour it and try telling me it’s not an imperial red. In any case, their collaboration with BD was an imperial pilsner called ‘Dog Wired’. It was balls-out insanity. ‘My Antonia‘ is an imperial pilsner I will order whenever I see it on a beer menu. I don’t care what time of the day it is; it’s ordered. But this imperial pilsner collab from BD/8W? There are unspeakable things I’d do for this one’s return as a regular beer.


8. Dead Metaphor

When HopZine’s Rob (an utter gent, and a thoroughly nice guy if you’ve ever met him) and Rich from the BeerCast got to rock up to the first BrewDog brewery in Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire in 2013 to knock out a collaboration beer; first thought in my head was ‘you pair of jammy wankers!‘ Little did I realise what would result would be one of my all-time favorite beers. The stock of this I built up was borderline ridiculous, as was the joyous outbursts when I’d come across stray bottles of it in offlicenses, or hidden in my beer cellar.


9. Zeitgeist

Lager. The beer style that for me was utterly fucking destroyed by the mass producing industrial piss merchants. I was so over lager until this one popped up. Yes, it was black. Yes it was hoppy. And yes, it was thoroughly enjoyable that when it was re-released a second time, I bought a shedload of it. And enjoyed every bloody bottle of it.


10. Black Eyed King Imp

No, not the Vietnamese coffee version. The original. If you only knew how many bottles of this I acquired, drank and still have of it would make your fucking eyes water (and no, I’m not willing to part with even a single bottle of it – not even for 120min IPA or Pliny or ANYTHING). Yes, I am that committed to this beer. I also made brownies with a bottle of it. Total cost of making the brownies? Pocket change from 25 of your euros once I’d bought the chocolate – which had to be top class to match the beer.


Are there any BrewDog beers you’d like to see re-released, or special one-off’s you’d like to see return as regulars? Leave a comment down below.