Doing the can-can at the bar? No thanks!


Right now is a great time to be a craft beer consumer in Ireland. Our choice is getting better, the beers being produced here are significantly better not only in quality, but in bravery of flavour, and craft beer is in cans. But, cans at craft beer bars?

I love craft beer in cans. It’s right. It’s long overdue and welcome. Nothing better than being able to pack a can or three into the bag for either a trip, or whatever. It’s nice to have that option. Bringing a can or two of your favorite beer to the movies? Yup, can do (pardon the pun – totally unintentional).

However, where I draw the line is buying a can of craft beer in a craft beer pub. I’m sorry this is going to come across as snobby AF to some people, but it’s just taking the piss. I love when I go into a craft beer bar & I can pick a pint of something fresh on draught in either a flight, a third, two thirds, half pint or pint. I will even understand people buying bottles of beers in a bar (okay, actually I don’t – but I will try). But cans, I just have a problem with.

For one, the price on a can of beer in a craft beer pub is borderline insane. On draught, I’ll readily attempt to understand the pricing of the pint and the costs of maintaining a well-kept draught system with frequent changes on the taps and the price of kegs. But paying sometimes up to three or four times the retail cost of a can is just a sign of madness that frankly craft beer consumers shouldn’t accept.

More over are the optics of it. It’s hard to imagine cans of fizzy piss being sold in a pub for consumption over the counter in the establishment. It just doesn’t and wouldn’t happen. More so because punters simply will not pay over the odds for a can of beer in a pub. Bottles, sure they’ll pay (caveat emptor obviously in non-existance with that one in my opinion) over the odds.

I just do not understand the ‘experience’ you’re paying for while buying a can of beer in a pub. And more-often than not, the fridge temperatures are just so damn cold the beer is hazed like crazy. My issue with canned craft beer in pubs could be either a sign of my age, or a sign I’m becoming a snobby bastard in my late thirties.

Either way, I don’t care what’s in a can in a craft beer pub, I’m just not into buying cans to consume in the pub.


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