New for 2017 …… ‘5 Things’


New year, new feature, same IDGAF attitude. Be that as it may, moving forwards is what we do here on And with that, we’re stepping up the game for Craft Beer blogging in Ireland with a new weekly series as part of the site called ‘5 Things’.

5 things will be your helpful guide, or source of amusement to 5 things relating to craft beer to help deepen that craft beer obsession, or help those on the journey through craft beer. It’s half fun/half serious/haf informational. Maths was never my strong suit.

This new feature kicks off next Tuesday & every Tuesday until I run out of things (bloody unlikely). Feel free to subscribe to the blog for updates on 5 things, share them on social media, give comments/feedback on the blog or on social media.

The goal for 2017 with HopAddiktion is to try get into newer content for the site, & types of content through various channels in an attempt to try break some new ground for our market here in Ireland. If you’re interested in being involved, just let me know via the contact form.