5 #Irish #CraftBeer #Instagrammers you need to follow.

Instagram is one of the most under-rated platforms out there in craftbeerland. Sure, Facebook is awesome for sharing fake news, faux outrage, cat pictures, Trump memes & having your own echo chamber. But I think instagram can really with the clarity of its purpose show you not just some pretty beer porn, but maybe find some other local individuals in a beer scene that you can connect with should you be hitting their local in search of suggestions. So with that, here’s five must follow Irish craft beer instagrammers.

#1 son0vagun

I follow alot of people on Instagram. Alot alot. However, out of them all, this particular IG-er posts some of the most beautiful pictures of craft beers & Irish craft beers. Sure, there’s a heck of alot of filter-twaddling, making Ireland look like SoCal & whatnot, but damnit they’re beautiful.


#2 SimonSaysBeer

Simon Broderick as well as being a good friend (disclosure #1), & being the resident beer geek in Rye River Brewing (disclosure #2), is someone whose been in the thick of the Irish craft beer social media scene for a while now. Simon’s use of social media has grown alot in the last few years, & his Instagram is pretty. I’m almost licking the screen sometimes when he posts food-n-beer porn.



#3 IrishBeerSnob

Okay, so look. Yes Irish Beer Snob comes up alot. Sure, they’re my best friends (disclosure #3), but they’ve worked social media like pros in the last year. Their instagram is everything a craft beer hipster could want; food, beer, food made with beer, food with beer, coffee, dogs – all it now needs is Wayne to grow a beard, & post beards-n-beers.


#4 Henry_Rob

I’m a sucker for filters in my beer porn. I just am. And Henry’s are just gorgeous.



#5 reills_beerstagram

Colm is an instagrammer I don’t know personally, but I love his pictures. Maybe its cos I’m a sucker for how he likes to do his images with his filters, but dammnit they are pretty.




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