5 places to enjoy #craftbeer you need to try.

With craft beer being even more available in cans now, the choice of beers is increasing at a rate that would make your eyes water, your bank account dry & your head explode. From your basic pale ale, to high octane imperial stouts it’s a great time for craft beer drinkers in Ireland. And yet, where we consume them is still kinda pedestrian. so I’ve decided to share some of my favorite places to enjoy craft beer to help you go beyond the bar.

#1 ‘Shower Beers’

That’s right. In the shower. With water charges going bye-bye this year here in Ireland, you can once again enjoy those showers even more. Why not bring a can of something nice with you to really enjoy that ‘me’ time.

#2 ‘Bus Beers’

When on a bus journey (or for those who fancy an interesting afternoon of sight-seeing), bring along a beer.

#3 ‘Doggy Beers’

Taking the fluffy love of your life on their walk? Bring a good beer to make it even better. Why should the dog have all the enjoyment of the fresh air? Fresh air; made better by good beer.

#4 ‘Desk Beers’

Because sometimes it’s needed on a Friday.

#5 ‘Movie Beers’

Alas, Irish cinemas, you’ve simply not gotten this yet. Just install a canned craft beer vending machine behind the counter & boom; movie experiences made better with beer. All the way back in 1996 I got this bringing beer to the cinema to have with popcorn. Nothing like bringing a can or three of your favorite tipple into the cinema with your popcorn. Ah, bliss.

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