5 awesome things you didn’t know you can do with #craftbeer

Craft beer is awesome right? You bet your sweet ass it is. Besides drinking it, cooking with it, drinking it & drinking it, you quickly run out of things you can use it for. Or so you thought. Here’s five great ways to get more craft beer into your life.

#1 Beer Shampoo

Bollocks to L’Oréal. And fuck you Timotei. You can wash your hair with your favorite craft beer.

And if you like, you can make your own conditioner with your favorite IPA too …. seriously.

#2 Beer Soap

Staying with the personal hygene theme; beer can keep you clean. VERY clean. So, why not make your own beer soap using your favorite local craft beer.


#3 Beer Vaping

Sure, you ‘could’ buy beer vape juice – all of which are pretty horrid, or you could make your own by making up a low-n-slow reduction of your favorite craft beer to create a concentrate to add to your home-made vape juice.


#4 Beer Pickles

Pickles are like marmite or red ales; you either love ’em or hate em. Me? I love them on my burgers & in my pastrami sammiches, or making pickle fries. But did you know you can add your favorite craft beer to pickles to make them even better?


#5 Beer Candles

Not so much a use for the beer, but the bottle afterwards especially if it’s a cool one.