5 beers to help you enjoy ‘Stralya Day mate!

Whether you’re a man from down under, or girls on the avenue (see what I did there?), ‘Stralya Day (or ‘Australia Day’ for the non-Aussie) is a celebration of the greatness of the Land Down-Under. With so many Irish being a part of the foundations of Australia, & a favored destination of our migrants even today, so here’s a spcial edition of ‘5 things’ for five beers to help you celebrate here in Ireland, even if Graham Morris the former chief of staff to former Aussie PM John Howard  once said of the Irish:

I love the Irish & half the parliament’s full of Irishmen, but these are people who can’t grow potatoes. They’ve got a mutant lawn weed as their national symbol & they can’t verbalise the difference between a tree & the number three.

#1 The Crafty Brewing Company Pale Ale

Okay, so not necessarily from Australia, but this beer is a ripper & sweet as thanks to it  loaded to the gills with Australian hoppy goodness in the form of the Ella hop variety from Australia in the whirlpool & dry hopping.

#2 Little Creatures Pale Ale

Bottle conditioned beers rarely ever tickel my fancy, but when I’m in the mood for a Cascade/Galaxy whammy I’ve a tendency to reach for this classic Aussie pale ale. Okay, so its not in the vein of American-style pale ales that have permeated our beer market, but it’s still a classically enjoyable take on what makes Aussie hops great & enjoyed the world over by beer makers.


#3 Coopers Sparkling Ale

Everyone who’s ever homebrewed in Ireland has probably used a Coopers kit. This top fermented gallah is a reminder of the beauty of well brewed beauty in simplicity. It’s also a great accompaniment to any ‘bahhbie’.

#4 ANYTHING from Eight Degrees brewing

Look, one half of the brewing duo from Mitchelstown is an Aussie, & he’s got a cracking sense of humour & brings that Aussie sense of adventure & mischief to the beers they knock out. Enjoy their beers & don’t be a spiggin hufter!

#5 Bundaberg Root Beer

Sure, this as to alcohol as a digerydoo is rock music, but  stone the flamin’ crows this is still a cracker to enjoy if you’re insistent on being a mongrel it being a ‘school night’. Root Beer’s origins are alcoholic & guess what? It’s technically a craft beer & you can find it on Untappd!.

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