5 beer gadgets you don’t need but want.

There’s something about getting nice new gadgets to play with in your house. It’s almost unexplainable. Now, some weould say those of us with the single X chromosome would are predisposed to ‘new toys’ as we never grow up. Well, kinda but in today’s world those carying the double-X chromosome love them some gadgets too. And in a world where craft beer should be equal to the sexes, here’s 5 gadgets for craft beer-and-gadget lovers the world over you probably don’t need, but may find yourself wanting.

#1 Biersafe

I’m not kidding but when I saw this, I thought damnit I need me one of these. I don’t even have a back garden being one of those who live in an apartment. Coming in four different models (because those Germans love to engineer the shit out of things), & billed as ‘cool beer with the wow effect’, ‘Biersafe‘ is there to help maximise beer consumption while helping keep the world green by lessing the need for electric-powered beer cooling.

#2 GrowlerChill

You know how you can now visit your friendly neighborhood SuperValu & grab a growloer of beer? And what if you’re one of those who likes to have like three of them in the shopping trolley? How can you make sure you maximise your enjoyment of said growlers? Growler Chill of course. Now, this might be a Kickstarter project, & there’s less than two wweeks left on it, but it’s already over its funding target which makes it good to go. I think I need one of these. And I don’t even have the countertop space for it. Guess I don’t need a microwave. Or a coffee machine. Or a foodmixer. Or a toaster. Besides, I need more space in the fridge for my  canned & bottled beer. Who the frick needs food in a fridge, right? Am I right?

#3 Oakbottle

Who doesn’t like a barrel aged beer or seven? Well, I tell you who does; here’s a clue, he’s got two thumbs, a brighttank full of hopped-up opinions & is carbonated with Irish wit. Yeah, this guy! Oakbottle promises to help ‘accelerate the oak aging process and allows anyone to infuse extravagent aromas & flavours of oak into their bought or homemade beer extremely quickly from the comfort of their own home‘. Coming in three handy sizes; 750ml, 355ml & 150ml, they also come in various flavored varieties & with some funky designs. Oh gwan, you know you need a few of these to add your favorite Double IPA or Imperial stout to.

#4 Randall Jr.

This is the only one in this list I actually own myself. And I freaking love it. It is a shit-ton of fun to play with beers & infuse them with fruits, or whole teas to take them to the next level & to in general play around with beer like a 12foot neckbeard owning, birkenstock bearing hipster. Or maybe, that 85IBU hopmonster you like just isn’t hoppy enough & you fancy adding some of your own fresh hops to it to drive that sucker up to ‘borderline illegal’ on the hopometer? Randall Jr is your problem solver. All jokes aside, I really cannot recommend one of these enough.

#5 The Pumpkin Tap Kit

Look, I know we only get pumpkin beers once a year. And, for some they’re marmite (like me – not a fan. I don’t get them. I don’t want to get them. The end). However, imagine you wanted to go one step further in your pumpkin efforts & have a pumpkin AS A BEER KEG at your holywood party (or a water melon for that matter during the summer). Now, you can. The Pumpkin Tap Kit from KegWorks can be yours for under thirty of your monopoloy moneys from EuroLand excluding shipping. Now, don’t say HopAddiktion never gave you jack shit.

DISCLAIMER – HopAddiktion is not being paid to promote any of these, nor do we benefit.

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