5 #Beers to look forward to at #AllTech

This weekend is probably my favorite beer festival on the Irish beer calendar; the AllTech Craft Beer & Foods Fair in the Dublin Convention Center. Now, last year I didn;t get to attend as I was working like a madman on my own startup business, but in the wake of its acquisition late last year, I’m free as a bird this year. And there’s some beers kicking about I’m eager AF to try.

#1 Big Bunny by Kinnegar Brewing

Sure, in the past I’ve been a tad unkind about Rick’s beers. However, some of them in the last year plus have been showing his skills in his brewhouse that I felt weren’t being shone enough. I’m super looking forward to trying his Olan’s Tart beer infused with apples from the Dan Kelly’s Cider orchard. But, it’s this one that has me like the energiser bunny; ‘Big Bunny’ – his New England style IPA.

#2 McGargles Double Bangin by Rye River Brewing Co

Considering Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA has been my go-to beer since its launch, & is at this point three out of every five beers I buy on average, it’s entirely unsurprising I’m eager to get my tastebuds around Francis’ bigger brother (I told you guys one day you’d need to do this one LOL …. now do the ‘other’ suggestions for it 😉 LOL)

#3 BrewDog VS CloudWater New England IPA by BrewDog/CloudWater

CloudWater NE IPA’s are ‘the thing’ these days. What ones I’ve been able to try have been thoroughly enjoyable due to their ridiculously limited stock here on this side of the Irish Sea. Sure, this beer has just been released in bottle, but I really want to try this baby on draught to get the full experience. Given BrewDog’s pedigree for go-big-or-go-home & CloudWater’s Indiana Jones approach to flavour hunting, I’m excited. Proper excited.

#4 Little Bastard by Stone Brewing Berlin

I love Arrogant Bastard probably more than any other beer ever. No, I’m serious. It is my desert island beer. I’ve also been fortunate to try almost every single one of the bastard releases (I still think Crime & Punishment should make a comeback …. show people what a chilli beer REALLY is — I’m a sick guy I know!) Little Bastard is one I’m very eager to try, even though part of my brain says “why oh why would you ever make a ‘lite’ version of Arrogant Bastard?

#5 Strawberry Vanilla Shake by Rascals/Idlewild

Ever since their debut beer, I’ve been a fan of the beers Cathal & Emma have been turning out. I love fruit infused beers, even before they became a thing. And given those Rscals’ propensity for not holding back, I’m really stoked to give this a whirl & go on a fruit infused joyride.

Get your tickets now for AllTech Craft Brews & Food Fair, 23-25 Feb 2017

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