WATCH – #CraftDrinksBill, Second Stage Debate


In case you missed it, today was the second stage debate of what’s been dubbed ‘#CraftDrinksBill’, which is an ammendment to our licensing laws to allow craft brewers, cider producers & distillers to sell their beers/ciders/spirits on-site for on and off-sales.

THIS is something I have been an aggressive, vocal & forthright supporter of for a long, long time in Ireland, where I’ve felt the macros have had it too much their own way while bodies like Bord Failte scratched their arses over for far too long also.

Thankfully, Bord Failte have finally thrown their weight behind this initiaitve led by Labour’s Alan Kelly in the Irish parliament. Finally our brewers who all bust their backs to produce incredible beer that stands up to international craft beers to operate tap rooms like in the UK & in the U.S..

I’ve managed to put together a video of the full debate from today for your viewing.

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