5 Beery Firebox Gifts

We all have that special someone in our lives. And that special someone may have a liking for the liquid magic that is beer. And if you’re also one of those people who likes to find odd gifts, odds are Firebox is a site you should bookmark. So here’s five fantastically beery gifts you can find on your friendly neighborhood Firebox.com.

#1 Abashiri Blue Beer

You know, there’s times I think to myself what if I could cross mylove of craft beer with my penchant for putting smurfs in a blender? And yet, this may be the answer.


#2 Mighty Pint Glasses

For the craft beer lush in your life who has unfortunate luck with keeping their beer in their glass as they don the craft snob baseball cap, gesticulating wildly about how the IPA they have has the aroma of pixie dust, the haze of unicorn blood & enough IBU’s to make Chuck Norris think twice about even getting out from under his duvet. Then, it happens. The slow-motion ‘noooooooo’. Unless, they had one of these nifty anti-tip-over pint glasses for just thirty of those merkels.


#3 Spreadable Beer

Whether it’s a new level of kink to replace whipped cream ‘where the magic happens’, or an all new next level breakfast mode for your waffles/pancakes/toast, or on the bus with a spoon just because you can, ‘spreadable beer’ is Italian decadence for the beer lover who’s love of beery goodness screams ‘Hey, don’t you fucking judge me!


#4 Cooking With Beer

Not content with having blended a smurf into a beer, solved your delirium tremors issues, & levelled up your breakfast game on the jaunt to work while on the bus with a jar & a spoon, there’s a whole new level to be revealed; finding ways to get beer into ever single meal you have for the beer lover in your life.


#5 Abashiri Pink Beer

Smurf-a-licious beers aside, there are times when I find myself also wondering what it would be like if I could somehow blend up the My Little Ponies to add into secondary fermentation of a beer, in lieu of dry hops. I’m almost certain it would be sparkletastic, or at the very least as pink as this beer.





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