Hello, my name is …. Niamh???


BrewDog are a growing international business that’s come a fairly long way from ‘two-men-and-a-dog’ in a small industrial unit in Fraserburgh, Scotland. As they’ve grown to international markets, Ireland has become one of their biggest markets for sales of their beers. It seems only fitting a beer with an Irish-twist that wasn’t a stout was on the cards.

BrewDog’s ‘Hello, my name is …’ series has always been a popular run of beers. From beers like ‘Hello, my name is Ingrid’ to ‘Hello, my name is Vladamir’ (a personal favorite of mine), these beers have always been interesting. This time, a series of beers themed is about to be released in the next week.

First announced back in August, the list of countries being themed for the series included:

  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Spain

And now, they’ve broken day light:


  • Hello, my name is Helga – a Cherry Double IPA (DE)
  • Hello, my name is Lieke – an orange infused Double IPA (NL)
  • Hello, my name is Agnetha – a lingonberry Double IPA (SWE)
  • Hello, my name is Niamh  – an elderflower Double IPA (IE)
  • Hello, my name is Aune – a Strawberry Double IPA (NOR)
  • Hello, my name is Sari – a blueberry Double IPA (FIN)
  • Hello, my name is Marianne – a cassis infused Double IPA (FR)
  • Hello, my name is Maria – a mandarin infused  Double IPA (ESP)
  • Hello, my name is Sofia – a lemon infused Double IPA (ITA)

These will initially be available via the BrewDog online store. Check with your national distributors for more information on what ones will hit your market.

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