HopAddiktion: A compulsive longing to take a beery ride on the lupulin highway in an V8 powered IBU monster.

HopAddiktion.com is a content producer (opinion pieces, blog posts, musings, podcast episodes and occasional videos) from the experiences of a craft beer drinker from Ireland, who launched Ireland’s first craft beer podcast called ’11PM Somewhere’ over three years ago. After some time away from the blogosphere to focus on the day job, older, wiser, many more beers consumed (I’ve tried over 2,000 craft/micro brews in my lifetime) – the vinegar-&-piss of past has mellowed, the craft beer culture in Ireland has exploded into high availability, & many more beer writers, bloggers & podcasters have emerged in Ireland (which is awesome).

HopAddiktion is not an evolution of 11PM Somewhere. That is dead. Done. Gone. May it R.I.P. This is about observances, discussion, opinion & thoughts around craft beers that appear in Ireland, or others I come across in my travels, & with some fun from around craft beer from around the world weird web. It will also look at some of my own experiences as I get back into HomeBrewing from absolute scratch to relearn from the ground up. The reason I’m doing this is for me; I love beer. I love writing, podcasting & talking about great craft beer. If you dig it, awesome – tell a friend. If not – cheers for taking time out to give it any of the time between your ears.

Before the warning, let’s get a few FAQ’s out of the way:

Q. Can I send you beers to try & review them?
A: Yes, get in touch with me & I’m happy to give them a go (as long as they’re not macro beers)

Q. Can I pay you for a review of our beer?
A. Erm, no. I’ll try beers & give my honest opinion of them.

Q. Do you own a brewery or shares in a brewery, or represent one?
A. For disclosure purposes, I’m a minor, minor, minor shareholder in BrewDog & participated in Stone Brewing’s Berlin Kickstarter. As of February 2018, I will be working as a Brand Ambassador for BrewDog in Ireland. All opinions/reviews/lupulin-addled musings are my own, & are in no way a representation of BrewDog, other than the fact they are my private employer & not affiliated with HopAddiktion.

Q. What are your favorite beers?
A. I’ve always said, if I’m stranded on an Island & have a beer supply to last me, I will need the following:

  • BrewDog Tokyo*
  • BrewDog Dead Pony Club
  • Stone Arrogant Bastard
  • Stone Ruination
  • McGargel’s Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA
  • New Belgium Fat Tyre
  • Lindemans Kriek (don’t you fucking judge me!)
  • Black’s Kinsale Pale Ale
  • Eight Degrees Brewing The Full Irish
  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Q. Are your podcasts & videos free?
A. You bet your ass they are. Free – my second favorite word (after ‘hops’).

Q. Do you accept PR pieces for publication?
A. I do (only from craft beer, craft cider or artisan food producers – NO macros or industrial producers!), but I will always tag them as ‘PR’ pieces. Feel free to get in touch via the contact page.

Q. As a brand or brand representative, can you tell us about HopAddiktion’s reach?
A. Well, absolutely, so here’s the numbers (always updated monthly):

* Primary Audience Market: Ireland (55%)
* Secondary Audience Market: U.K. (22%)
* Primary Demographics Overview: Male earning over €50k p.a. interested in Lifestyle brands aged between 25 & 44 living in Dublin county in Ireland with 55% of them using iOS devices.
* Facebook : Engagement 65%, Reach > 1.5k (all organic), 82% male-symbol-46038, 18% female-icon-45970,
* Language: 99% English
* Top related Interests of primary demographics: Comedy (Movies), Business & News, Beer (obv!), Sports News & Travel News.
* Instagram: 717 followers, giving 4,084 likes on 183 posts in 2017
* Twitter: 1,974 followers (67% male-symbol-46038, 33% female-icon-45970), interest category reach:




WARNING: HopAddiktion obviously discusses alcoholic beverages, and it may have explicit language on occasion so it’s probably not for kids (unless they’re in their blanket forts with a torch and some cough syrup … kidding, kidding!!!!!!), those with a sensitivity to ‘bad language’, or those who believe alcohol is the root of all evil (P.S. it’s not … ever!).