5 Beery Firebox Gifts

We all have that special someone in our lives. And that special someone may have a liking for the liquid magic that is beer. And if you’re also one of those people who likes to find odd gifts, odds are Firebox is a site you should bookmark. So here’s five fantastically beery gifts you can find on your friendly neighborhood Firebox.com.

5 wrestling beers you’ll want to smackdown

So, Wrestlemania was just gone over the weekend & as always., the WWE do what they do best – put smiles on people’s faces. From chants of ‘You Suck’ for the legendary Kurt Angle, to a 70,000 strong raucous crowd yelling ‘Delete! Delete! Delete!’, the showcase of the immortals was worth every penny of the monthly WWE Network subscription. Wrestling & beer go hand in hand, or one in each hand as you shotgun them if you’re Stone Cold Steve Austin. It should come as no surprise that those from the Wrestling industry have become involved with another of the great outsiders, Craft Beer. So here’s five craft beers influenced by wrestling you’ll want to get raw with & smackdown.

5 snacks to get your #craftbeer with

Now listen here Irish bars. Our brethern in the U.S. understand how to make sure you’ve got snacks to hand at the bar without reaching into your wallet, so you could do well to follow. But in saying that, the choice of snack is important. And no, none of your dogshit el cheapo pretzels will do. Good beer deserves good snacks. So, here’s how HopAddiktion helps you level up your snack game to match your beer game.

5 beers to build your first beer cellar with

Cellaring is still new to many people. And honestly, there’s no major mystery to it. It’s super easy to start too. In fact, it’s cheap AND easy to start. It doesn’t even require exotic beers. We’ve a great selection of cellarable (is that even a word) beers people can get to do this with. And this week’s late ‘5 things’ is going to show you five great beers you can pick up for less than thirty of your hard-earned merkels to get going with.

5 historical things about canned beer you didn’t know

Canned craft beer is awesome. Portable. Delicious. Easy to store. Delicious. Recyclable. Delicious. And did I mention delicious? It’s that time of the week again where we take a look at five historical canned beer facts that has led to everyone’s favorite way to enjoy craft beer anywhere, at anytime.

5 beer movies & tv shows you should watch

Popcorn & movies/tv. Popcorn & beer. Beer & movies/tv. Popcorn, beer AND movies/tv. Now that’s a three-way anyone who loves them all the aforementioned can get on board with. So, in the spirit of ‘5 things’ usual brand of weekly nonsense you didn’t know, need to know or had thought to investigate to know, here’s five beer movies/tv shows you should seek out if you haven’t already.

5 Best #Beers & #Ciders at #AllTechBrews

AllTech has been & gone, & the taste of good beers & ciders lingers in the mind. For many brewers, it’s a chance to showcase what they can produce on small batch special, & for others to drive home the point just how bloody good their beers & ciders are with some even more over the top creations to compliment their existing barnstormers. I got to try alot of beers & ciders. And I mean ALOT of beers & ciders. And alot of high horsepower beers into the bargain, as well as alot of gin. But, in the interest of brevity, these are my top five beers/ciders from the event held over the past weekend.

5 #Beers to look forward to at #AllTech

This weekend is probably my favorite beer festival on the Irish beer calendar; the AllTech Craft Beer & Foods Fair in the Dublin Convention Center. Now, last year I didn;t get to attend as I was working like a madman on my own startup business, but in the wake of its acquisition late last year, I’m free as a bird this year. And there’s some beers kicking about I’m eager AF to try.

5 beer gadgets you don’t need but want.

There’s something about getting nice new gadgets to play with in your house. It’s almost unexplainable. Now, some weould say those of us with the single X chromosome would are predisposed to ‘new toys’ as we never grow up. Well, kinda but in today’s world those carying the double-X chromosome love them some gadgets too. And in a world where craft beer should be equal to the sexes, here’s 5 gadgets for craft beer-and-gadget lovers the world over you probably don’t need, but may find yourself wanting.

5 things about #craftbeer bars I hate

If you’re triggered by the title of this post, job done. But, before you decide to pull out your keyboard power-ranger dino charger & suit-up, grab a cold one or a cup of coffee (depending on where you are in your day) & let’s see how many of the 5 things in today’s musings you actually disagree with