5 beers to help you enjoy ‘Stralya Day mate!

Whether you’re a man from down under, or girls on the avenue (see what I did there?), ‘Stralya Day (or ‘Australia Day’ for the non-Aussie) is a celebration of the greatness of the Land Down-Under. With so many Irish being a part of the foundations of Australia, & a favored destination of our migrants even today, so here’s a spcial edition of ‘5 things’ for five beers to help you celebrate here in Ireland.

5 awesome things you didn’t know you can do with #craftbeer

Craft beer is awesome right? You bet your sweet ass it is. Besides drinking it, cooking with it, drinking it & drinking it, you quickly run out of things you can use it for. Or so you thought. Here’s five great ways to get more craft beer into your life.

5 places to enjoy #craftbeer you need to try.

With craft beer being even more available in cans now, the choice of beers is increasing at a rate that would make your eyes water, your bank account dry & your head explode. From your basic pale ale, to high octane imperial stouts it’s a great time for craft beer drinkers in Ireland. And yet, where we consume them is still kinda pedestrian. so I’ve decided to share some of my favorite places to enjoy craft beer to help you go beyond the bar.

5 #Irish #CraftBeer #Instagrammers you need to follow.

Instagram is one of the most under-rated platforms out there in craftbeerland. Sure, Facebook is awesome for sharing fake news, faux outrage, cat pictures, Trump memes & having your own echo chamber. But I think instagram can really with the clarity of its purpose show you not just some pretty beer porn, but maybe find some other local individuals in a beer scene that you can connect with should you be hitting their local in search of suggestions. So with that, here’s five must follow Irish craft beer instagrammers.

New for 2017 …… ‘5 Things’

New year, new feature, same IDGAF attitude. Be that as it may, moving forwards is what we do here on HopAddiktion.com. And with that, we’re stepping up the game for Craft Beer blogging in Ireland with a new weekly series as part of the site called ‘5 Things’.

5 #irishcraft #beers I’d like to see re-released

Craft beer is awesome. It’s about having a great experience at the hands of some incredibly caring alchemists who turn humble water, yeast, & barley into something truly incredible. Irish craft brewers are truly stepping up their game in recent times with many finally abandoning caution in their creativity to producing flavor-crammed powderkeg beers. But, many of these are one-offs and they disappear, often never to be seen again. And it’s a damn shame.