Hello, my name is …. Niamh???

BrewDog are a growing international business that’s come a fairly long way from ‘two-men-and-a-dog’ in a small industrial unit in Fraserburgh, Scotland. As they’ve grown to international markets, Ireland has become one of their biggest markets for sales of their beers. It seems only fitting a beer with an Irish-twist that wasn’t a stout was on the cards.

Bumps in the road for BrewDog Dublin?

Just when it looked like everyone’s favorite (depending on where you stand) brewpunks were closing in on the long awaited & much anticipated Dublin bar, it would seem the Ellon-anarchists have hit another bump in the road on their plans for Dublin.

‘Beer Yoga’ – coming to a craft beer bar near you?

Yoga is nothing new. But it has become insanely popular. Hell, even this hoppped up hellraiser loves yoga & swears by DDP Yoga. But, what if ….. just what if you could combine yoga AND craft beer together. At the same time. Well, it’s a thing. And not just a ‘new thing’.

Yellowbelly invades BrewDog for Paddy’s Day

Irish cheekyfuckers, brettmeisters & craftbeer misfiterati from Wexford, Yellowbelly Brewing are hitting a BrewDog bar near you in the UK this coming St. Patrick’s Day. And, they are bringing their heavy hitters to party. Irish style.

24% of the top American craft beer brands are sold in Ireland

Today, the American Brewers Association has released its annual list of the top fifty craft brewers in the U.S. which is based on sales volume. While there’s no major surprises in the list, it makes for interesting reading as a consumer of craft beer in Ireland. And for Irish craft brewers, a reminder that as our market grows, there are importers here who are ‘selling us’ as a market destination for growth, which presents a fight for shelfspace to brands that have long established reputations, & can gain traction here from that alone.

Make space for the @SweetWaterBrew in your fridge folks!

This evening I am happier than a bird with a french fry. I’ve just learned something awesome. Okay, it’s more than awesome. It’s SUPER FREAKING awesome. SweetWater beers are about to be distributed in Ireland. If you ain’t excited, I’m about to tell you why the hell you should be!