Big Trouble Comin’ Every Day.

Kildare is proving to be a hotbed of microbrewery growth. Rye River, Kelly’s Mountain, Kildare Brewing Co., Two Sisters & Trouble Brewing. Trouble Brewing has been a stalwart of the craft beer scene in Ireland for seven years, with favourites such as ‘Deception’, ‘Dark Arts’, & ‘Sabotage’. But Trouble Brewing in 2017 is a very different animal beer wise & under its third revolution with former Bo Bristle brewer Dave Guilfoyle taking over the reins from Mark Nixon, who left to head up brewing at Hope. The third act of a story is typically meant to be the high point, & with the beers coming from their Kill facility today, Trouble are showing no sign of let-up.

Irish Craft Beer: A New Hope.

With the new bill to allow craft breweries & distillers to sell their own produce on-site without acquiring a bar license a mere handful of bureaucratic footsteps away, & in sight breweries like Hope Beer in Kilbarrick in Howth, County Dublin are excited & already in the process of putting together their taproom to complete theirpiece of the puzzle like so many other craft brewers in Ireland. So, I took this opportunity to take a visit to see Hope’s brewery, check out the taproom & catch up with my old drinking buddy, their headbrewer Mark Nixon.

Twenty Two Degrees @ Eight Degrees.

Recently I took a road trip to Cork with wife & dog in tow in 22 degrees celsius weather (as you do), & Eight Degrees were kind enough to give me the nod for a last-minute ‘hey-can-I-stop-by’ visit as despite me being an avid fan of their beers, I’ve never actually in all the time I’ve known Scott, Cameron & Caroline (which is going on 3 years plus) ever been to their brewery as frankly, I’m never ‘Lee-side’. So I was sure as hell not going to miss this opportunity.

Ultimate Revenge. And it was sweet.

‘Ultimate Revenge’ is a very VERY small batch beer from Kelly’s Mountain Brew that is an imperial porter that’s been aged in whiskey barrels with a crapton of a locally produced small-batch coffee added for good measure. And wow, is it special