#HopAction – What’s your favourite type of at-home craft beer packaging?

It’s never been a better time to be a craft beer fan in Ireland. The choice right now is so awesome from our own breweries, to imported craft beers from around the globe. And with that huge choice of brands, the choice in beer packaging today is equally awesome. Cans (330ml/400ml/500ml), bottles (330ml/500ml/600ml bombers), & growlers. Granted we don’t yet have crowlers, but none the less it’s fantastic.

#HopAction – What’s your craft beer spending like?

This week’s #HopAction looks at craft beer spending by people on a weekly basis. If I look at a rough idea of my spending over the last fiveyears, I’d say I am definitely being a heck of alot more picky when I buy craft beer, & my own spend has dropped as a result. While choice has never been so good in our market, there’s so much stuff that doesn’t ‘sell itself to me’ from the shelf. Odds are I’m possibly missing out on good beers, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take when time is precious.