It’s Over 9,000. HopShot.

Sometimes a beer is no longer ‘just a beer’. Sometimes a beer is something far more than a base definition of fermented hops/water/barley malt. Sometimes, a beer has to go beyond. And sometimes it’s sole purpose is to question itself. And perhaps wreck your face in the process with a hopshot.

5 #irishcraft #beers I’d like to see re-released

Craft beer is awesome. It’s about having a great experience at the hands of some incredibly caring alchemists who turn humble water, yeast, & barley into something truly incredible. Irish craft brewers are truly stepping up their game in recent times with many finally abandoning caution in their creativity to producing flavor-crammed powderkeg beers. But, many of these are one-offs and they disappear, often never to be seen again. And it’s a damn shame.

Hey you, get off my @CloudWaterBrew

For months I’ve been biting my tongue as I seen countless British bloggers, twitterers, podcasters & Youtubers samples & marvel at CloudWater Brew’s Double IPAs. And it’s pissed me right off, because we couldn’t get them here & they were in increidbly short supply in the UK as it was. And now, thanks to ProAddition their beers are available in Ireland on draught in Galway Bay Bars, & in bottle. I finally got to get my tastebuds around their DIPA series in Alfie Byrnes in Dublin. On Draught.

Hammer it Home & Get Restored @BrewDog

BrewDog know how to brew an IPA or three. Or four. Or a bajillion. Allegedly. From my first taste of Punk IPA, I fell in love with their brewing style. I love their beers so much, I became an equity punk and invested in them (If you fancy being one, here’s my referral code, R514640 — shameless plug I know). Recently they re-released a favorite of mine, ‘Restorative Beverage for Invalids & Convalescents’ in can form. And, while I was at it, I helped myself to a can of Blackhammer from their ‘Hammerhead series’.

Make space for the @SweetWaterBrew in your fridge folks!

This evening I am happier than a bird with a french fry. I’ve just learned something awesome. Okay, it’s more than awesome. It’s SUPER FREAKING awesome. SweetWater beers are about to be distributed in Ireland. If you ain’t excited, I’m about to tell you why the hell you should be!

Bottle labels & Homebrewing

Homebrewers love re-using bottles of beers they’ve bought. Apart from being good recycling practice, it makes the price of the beers bought go that bit further too for those who are of the thrifty nature. However, not all beer bottles are equal when it comes to reusing them for homebrewing, which in-part is thanks to label type and glues used.

Wexford sours to take your sour cherry

Ohhhhhhh Irish Craft Beer drinkers, don’t you dare be sour ….Clap your hands & feel the power of a New Day ….. awwwww yes it is!!! While some of us are used to sour beers (and some of us so far along the sour scale it would give Sour Bill a run for his money), many are only starting to even try these. You’d be forgiven to think that sour beers in Ireland would follow the underwhelming nature that Irish IPA’s did when they first appeared. But guess what, they’re not. They’re diving right in at the sour-jellies end of things & upwards. And a brewpub from Wexford is leading the charge.

The perfect #SundayBeer – Part 3

Sunday roast dinners. They are quite simply the best way to enjoy a Sunday after a long ass week. Right now, it’s way too warm for one of these plate-loader bad boys. They are the ultimate comfort food indulgence by a long shot. Including beer with these types of meals is a must to ensure the decadence level is adequately reached.

The perfect #SundayBeer – Part 1

Yesterday as I was pottering around in the sun with our dog, and enjoying a Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA from McGargles (as you do), I saw a post from my friend Janice Dunne, co-host of the Irish Beer Snob Podcast on Twitter. And it got me thinking; ‘Is there a perfect Sunday beer?’