I’ve been loving it.

Double IPA’s are my thing. From BrewDog Hardcore IPA (R.I.P.) to Stone Ruination to Magic Rock’s Human Cannonball to Firestone Walker’s Double Jack – I love the double IPA. It is for me, the ultimate chill-out beer. The style to me embodies boldness, mischief, challenge & excitement. And yet Irish DIPA’s (Double IPA’s for the non-neckbeards) have been thin on the ground save for O’Hara’s or Galway Bay’s ‘Of Foam & Fury’ as regular staples. And then there’s a cheeky fucker called Alex Lawes with his Whiplash Brewing label, a Double IPA called ‘Since I’ve been loving you’.

Hey you, get off my @CloudWaterBrew

For months I’ve been biting my tongue as I seen countless British bloggers, twitterers, podcasters & Youtubers samples & marvel at CloudWater Brew’s Double IPAs. And it’s pissed me right off, because we couldn’t get them here & they were in increidbly short supply in the UK as it was. And now, thanks to ProAddition their beers are available in Ireland on draught in Galway Bay Bars, & in bottle. I finally got to get my tastebuds around their DIPA series in Alfie Byrnes in Dublin. On Draught.

Eight Degrees of Irish @8degreesbrewing

Eight Degrees Brewing from Mitchelstown in Ireland are producting probably the single most consistent IPA’s in the country for the last two years. It’s an incredible testiment to the spirit of the brewery. Their relentless pace of releases is eyewatering. And awesome. I’ve decided to do a review of two of their finest (and what I consider landmark beers for them), their award winning Full Irish IPA (it won country gold at the recent World Beer Awards), & their Double Irish Double IPA.

A Tale of Two Beers

For a long time, I’ve not been a massive fan of the beers done by O’Hara’s Brewery. They’ve never really floated my boat. I’ve always preferred that if I’m paying a premium for my beer, I want it to be exciting. And in that, I believe I’ve discovered my error with them. And it took a little beer by them called ‘Opsession to show me the error of my ways.