It’s Over 9,000. HopShot.

Sometimes a beer is no longer ‘just a beer’. Sometimes a beer is something far more than a base definition of fermented hops/water/barley malt. Sometimes, a beer has to go beyond. And sometimes it’s sole purpose is to question itself. And perhaps wreck your face in the process with a hopshot.

Hammer it Home & Get Restored @BrewDog

BrewDog know how to brew an IPA or three. Or four. Or a bajillion. Allegedly. From my first taste of Punk IPA, I fell in love with their brewing style. I love their beers so much, I became an equity punk and invested in them (If you fancy being one, here’s my referral code, R514640 — shameless plug I know). Recently they re-released a favorite of mine, ‘Restorative Beverage for Invalids & Convalescents’ in can form. And, while I was at it, I helped myself to a can of Blackhammer from their ‘Hammerhead series’.

Eight Degrees of Irish @8degreesbrewing

Eight Degrees Brewing from Mitchelstown in Ireland are producting probably the single most consistent IPA’s in the country for the last two years. It’s an incredible testiment to the spirit of the brewery. Their relentless pace of releases is eyewatering. And awesome. I’ve decided to do a review of two of their finest (and what I consider landmark beers for them), their award winning Full Irish IPA (it won country gold at the recent World Beer Awards), & their Double Irish Double IPA.

In love with a Red Head called Pataskala @StoneBrewingCo

Let’s get this out of the way up front. Stone Brewing is my beer spirit animal. There, it’s out there & we can move on. I recently took delivery of a few rather nice recent Stone Brewing beers, one of which was a few bottles of their recent Pataskala Red X IPA, which I’ve been dying to try as I’ve really wanted to try a heftily hopped Red IPA with this malt, as I’ve heard so many good things about it. And make no mistake, this is a Stone Beer where yes, the hopping is off the chain but it most definitely is all about that malt.