I’ve been loving it.

Double IPA’s are my thing. From BrewDog Hardcore IPA (R.I.P.) to Stone Ruination to Magic Rock’s Human Cannonball to Firestone Walker’s Double Jack – I love the double IPA. It is for me, the ultimate chill-out beer. The style to me embodies boldness, mischief, challenge & excitement. And yet Irish DIPA’s (Double IPA’s for the non-neckbeards) have been thin on the ground save for O’Hara’s or Galway Bay’s ‘Of Foam & Fury’ as regular staples. And then there’s a cheeky fucker called Alex Lawes with his Whiplash Brewing label, a Double IPA called ‘Since I’ve been loving you’.

2016 Irish Craft beer of the year? Possibly.

There are two styles of beer I am most certainly not a fan of; ‘wheat beers’ and ‘lagers’. To me, they are marmite (even though I like marmite ….. don’t you dare judge me!). A few months ago, during its first brew run. I was fortunate enough to try the ‘American Style Pale Wheat Ale’ brewed by Rye River Brewing Company under the Lidl brand of ‘The Crafty Brewing Company’. And it blew my socks off how good it was.

5 #irishcraft #beers I’d like to see re-released

Craft beer is awesome. It’s about having a great experience at the hands of some incredibly caring alchemists who turn humble water, yeast, & barley into something truly incredible. Irish craft brewers are truly stepping up their game in recent times with many finally abandoning caution in their creativity to producing flavor-crammed powderkeg beers. But, many of these are one-offs and they disappear, often never to be seen again. And it’s a damn shame.

Eight Degrees of Irish @8degreesbrewing

Eight Degrees Brewing from Mitchelstown in Ireland are producting probably the single most consistent IPA’s in the country for the last two years. It’s an incredible testiment to the spirit of the brewery. Their relentless pace of releases is eyewatering. And awesome. I’ve decided to do a review of two of their finest (and what I consider landmark beers for them), their award winning Full Irish IPA (it won country gold at the recent World Beer Awards), & their Double Irish Double IPA.

Irish Craft Beer Festival Returns!

The nation’s largest gathering of independent Irish craft breweries is back! Coming to the RDS from the 8-10th September, the Irish Craft Beer Festival will take over the capital city for the sixth year running!

A Tale of Two Beers

For a long time, I’ve not been a massive fan of the beers done by O’Hara’s Brewery. They’ve never really floated my boat. I’ve always preferred that if I’m paying a premium for my beer, I want it to be exciting. And in that, I believe I’ve discovered my error with them. And it took a little beer by them called ‘Opsession to show me the error of my ways.

Wexford sours to take your sour cherry

Ohhhhhhh Irish Craft Beer drinkers, don’t you dare be sour ….Clap your hands & feel the power of a New Day ….. awwwww yes it is!!! While some of us are used to sour beers (and some of us so far along the sour scale it would give Sour Bill a run for his money), many are only starting to even try these. You’d be forgiven to think that sour beers in Ireland would follow the underwhelming nature that Irish IPA’s did when they first appeared. But guess what, they’re not. They’re diving right in at the sour-jellies end of things & upwards. And a brewpub from Wexford is leading the charge.

The perfect #SundayBeer – Part 1

Yesterday as I was pottering around in the sun with our dog, and enjoying a Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA from McGargles (as you do), I saw a post from my friend Janice Dunne, co-host of the Irish Beer Snob Podcast on Twitter. And it got me thinking; ‘Is there a perfect Sunday beer?’