5 snacks to get your #craftbeer with

Now listen here Irish bars. Our brethren in the U.S. understand how to make sure you’ve got snacks to hand at the bar without reaching into your wallet, so you could do well to follow. But in saying that, the choice of snack is important. And no, none of your dogshit el cheapo pretzels will do. Good beer deserves good snacks. So, here’s how HopAddiktion helps you level up your snack game to match your beer game.

#1 Forest Feast Street Food Louisiana Hickory BBQ

Beer and nuts. Nuts and beer. They belong together. But, none of your greasy, salt-plastered nuts here. Oh no, its smoked almonds, green peas with jalapeno and mustard coated seeds. This is EPIC with hoppy red/amber ales. It just works so bloody well.


#2 Stript Red Chilli Biltong

Oh yeah. The biltong/beef jerky is where it’s at. And the best thing about this one, it’s made here in Ireland. No E numbers, no MSG, none of yer chemistry set bullshit. And it goes stunning with high horsepower stouts or imperial stouts.


#3 Lidl fresh-baked pretzels

Pretzels with beer is nothing but righteousness. And no, not those punk ass wannabe stick pretzels. I’m talking proper bread pretzels. And Lidl’s go perfect with hoppy Pale Ales.


#4 Cornude Choccy-PeanutButter Crunch Popcorn

I LOVE Cornude popcorn. There is simply no better popcorn you can get in Ireland. I’m not even accepted a debate on this. It’s easy to pick a popcorn for your IPA’s, Pale Ales or Lagers, but this particular flavour for putting with stouts frankly is the business.



#5 Offbeat Crème Brûlée Donut

Right, let’s get some shit straight. There’s some fantastic donut joints in Dublin. We’re in a good place for donuts up in the big smoke & not a Krispy Kreme in sight (thank fuck!). And, frankly the single best donut I’ve found in the city is the Crème Brûlée donut from Offbeat on Westmoreland Row. And the best part about it? It goes amazing with Saison beers like Black Donkey’s Sheep Stealer.


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