New for 2017 – Craft Beer Events Calendar


2017 is going to be the HopAddiktion takeover. New features will be flying out the gate, with new content & content types. As part of this, we’re going to create a public service. Cos we’re good like that. Oh yes we are.

Facebook is awesome right?  From cat memes, to videos of stupidity to getting the latest news from your favorite breweries it’s pretty sweet. However, if you want to get a birds-eye view of what brewery events are coming up across the country asa  whole, you’re kinda shit outta luck.

Well, no more. HopAddiktion has created a public calendar which will list all the upcoming beer expos, festicals, trade shows, tap takeovers, launches etc to keep you hopped up all-year-round.

If you’re an event organizer, contact us to get your event added to it.

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